This blog is for thoughts on poetry and poems. Hopefully the world gets to be an even better place to be this way.

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    • This is so weird. I was searching for the Canadian wrestling poetry anthology and found this. This is not it.

      • Hi Jimmy,

        This is. It contains Canadian poetry, thus the tag. I would have been remiss not to note this fact, even if it requires a searcher to dig down.


  1. Hi,

    I am a composer and would like to use one of your english translated chinese poems to set music to.

    Are there any copyright issues involved?

    Please let me know.

    Thank you!


  2. Thanks for coming by deegeesbb.wordpress.com. I hope you found your way around okay.

    I talked to an organizer about expanding the word on wrestling. I’ll send him to your page. Very nice.



  3. Hey – Great blog. In case you’re still taking submissions, here’s my rendition of Li Bai’s drinking along by moonlight:

    In Blossom Time

    In blossom time
    With a jug of wine
    Drinking alone
    Without a friend

    I raise my glass
    And invite the moon
    To share the bottle
    With me and my shadow

    What a party we make
    The moon looks down
    In sober disdain
    And my idiot shadow
    Follows my every move

    Friends for the night
    We come together in pleasure
    To make the most
    Of this glorious weather

    But while I sing and dance
    Shadow wobbles unsteadily
    And moon remains aloof
    Far overhead

    If only I could sober up
    Before the party ends
    Maybe we’d all end up
    The best of friends

    Yet before stumbling apart
    Let me propose a solemn oath
    That we three reunite soon
    In the distant Milky Way

    — translation by Lan Hua 2011

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