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  • The Poetry Hat

    The Guardian’s Hay Festival–“a spectacular holiday party for friends to gather and indulge their tastes for the finest books, food, drink, comedy, music, art, argument and literature”–comes to a close today. But I could not make it to Hay, for among other reasons, one of my sons was graduating summa cum laude from UMass Lowell, […]


  • Damned Freaking Poets!

    Shi Tao: Read the e-mail that got poet Shi Tao a ten-year forced-labor prison sentence: IPFA 2005. Read the sentence: Reporters Without Borders. His case is current, and involves Yahoo, which threw him under the bus to the Chinese authorities. This story is in the news now: “Shi Tao” Google News search. Here’s something you […]

  • Getting a Poetry Column

    Recently, Frank Wilson of the Philadelphia Inquirer, wrote the article about online poetry, Some is quite good, but is it literature? In it, he notes that “as with the blogosphere vs. the MSM, online poetry has something to do with getting around official gatekeepers.” Let me suggest to you online poets, to be a gatekeeper […]

  • What poetry is and what a poem is.

    Let me not dare, here or anywhere, for my own purposes, or any purposes, to attempt the definition of Poetry, nor answer the question what it is. Like Religion, Love, Nature, while those terms are indispensable, and we all give a sufficiently accurate meaning to them, in my opinion no definition that has ever been […]

  • gay policy

    sexual harassment&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp will not be tolerated&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp in the american workplace this policy includes&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp unwanted advances of&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp a homosexual nature since 1964&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp discrimination based on&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp race, religion, gender, or age has been deemed illegal&nbsp &nbsp […]

  • Will the Soul Patrol get behind Pinsky?

    Last week, it was Katharine McPhee & Taylor Hicks. But it was also Paul Muldoon & Thylias Moss, who each had 15 minutes to write a poem directly following being given the theme. Online right now, you can see how their poems developed on the page, how and when each letter went up, and the […]

  • Being Pro-Poetry

    This world of poetry is rife and riven with competition and perceived heirarchal pressures. We need more individuals and organizations, or more individuals and organizations visible, getting behind the poetry rock, pushing it up the mountain to where it belongs, where society wants it, and where people outside the poetry community know it ought to […]