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  • Wrestling With Poetry in November

      by Homer (ca. 8th century BCE)   translated by Alexander Pope (1688-1744)   The Iliad   Book 23: Funeral Games in Honour of Patroclus [wherein Achilles bestows on Nestor the unawarded fifth prize, the two-handled urn]               Achilles this to reverend Nestor bears.           […]


  • Verse Libromancy updated: poetry (with love) from the Cosmos to you

    You can have a “Verse Libromancy” button at the top of your sidebar, like mine to the right. Each time you click it, you will be sent to any one of 554 sites that publish poetry. It’s like walking in a library, and a poetry periodical, selected by the Cosmos just for you, falls off […]

  • By what act or department of Congress?

    _____   Below is the news release dated today from the Poetry Foundation here: Foundation Announcements   _______________   September 18, 2006 Media Contact: Anne Halsey (312) 799.8016; ahalsey at poetryfoundation dot org   Poetry Foundation to Name First Children’s Poet Laureate $25,000 lifetime achievement award honors poetry written for children   CHICAGO–The Poetry Foundation […]

  • Lunch Poems: Robert Hass

    UCTV: UC Berkeley 46 min 30 sec, Feb 2, 2004 “After hosting Lunch Poems for eight years, Robert Hass has finally been prevailed upon to read his own poems in the series. Former Poet Laureate of the U.S., Hass is a UC Berkeley professor who has made important contributions in poetry, criticism, and translation. His […]

  • Poetry Reading: Ted Kooser

    UCTV: UC Santa Barbara 58 min 36 sec, Aug 1, 2005 “U.S. Poet Laureate Ted Kooser is a major poetic voice for rural and small town America and the award-winning author of ten collections of poetry, most recently 2004’s Pulitzer Prize-winning Delights and Shadows. Nebraskan Kooser often draws from his native Great Plains and his […]

  • "The House on the Hill" for September 11th

    by Edwin Arlington Robinson, 1869-1935 The House on the Hill They are all gone away,The house is shut and still,There is nothing more to say. Through broken walls and grayThe winds blow bleak and shrill:They are all gone away. Nor is there one todayTo speak them good or ill:There is nothing more to say. Why […]

  • Babylon Burning: 9/11 five years on: Poems in aid of the Red Cross

    Over at nthposition is a web page displayed to both commemorate the fifth anniversary of 9/11, but also to raise money for the Red Cross: Babylon Burning: 9/11 five years on. On it, is a link to “an anthology of poems on the Twin Towers atrocity and its consequences,” which “nearly 90 poets” contributed to: […]