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February 14, 2007

Blue Kookaburra

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Blue Kookaburra
A blue kookaburra should fly in
and warn me
before I look in Jimmy’s Restaurant
and see you at the empty table where we were–
cheerful, talking, your hands in the air.

The fish should be called in
to flop in the road
before I get home and see you reading
in the garden, waiting for me
in the chair that was there.
It’s too cold to be sitting outside
this time of year. And that was a summer day.

It must be the moon,
taking a break from tides,
asking the sun what happened
for the radio to then play a Patty Griffin song
and you appear on the sofa.
I sit next to you.
We should kiss now.






A Kookabura Calls




Patty Griffin singing “Rain”



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