Today is World Samina Malik Day: Terrorize your lyrics



A reminder about December 6th, World Samina Malik Day. It is after 11:00pm here on East Coast USA, which means that it is already December 6th in half the world. I greet you in freedom, and with poetic license to do so–for now. Yet, this is the day Samina will be sentenced for writing poetry, no matter how lenient or harsh. Sentenced.

She is an online poet. Her being found guilty convicts us all, every poet who has ever imagined and wrote outside the bounds of the politically correct. Every poet.

Last month, she was found guilty of a “lesser charge” of “possessing documents likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism.” What she downloaded, however, are documents likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of lyricism. In fact, she did not only think about committing lyricism, she did it.

After work tomorrow, which here will be after she is sentenced, I will dress like her (which for me will mean looking like an aging ninja in jeans). I will download The Koran, to align myself with Muslim thought, and consider myself a brother born foreign. Links are available here: Wikipedia: The Qur’an. I will visit Islamic forums and blogs, and download the al Qaeda manual. Links to some Islamic sites can be found at the bottom here: World Samina Malik Day.

I will surf and muse from there. I will look for the taboo, the non-PC. I will look into beheading, and surf and muse from there, to Torture, Al-Qaeda Style, and beyond. All this in preparation for an act of lyricism, to be a lyrical terrorist, to be a poet.

Please join me, where horror and political protest merge into the ears of those who would be politically correct, where terror enters lyricism, where Lyrical Babe became Lyrical Terrorist. Let’s do her taboo. You may.











14 responses to “Today is World Samina Malik Day: Terrorize your lyrics”

  1. I couldn’t help but breaking in laughter when I read and saw the above methods of torture undertaken by Al-QAEDA. Here are my observations:

    1. What is Al-Qaeda? where is its head quarter? How can this alleged organization attack the USA, the greatest country on Earth, without being scientifically sophisticated or highly organized?

    2. Not a single newspaper has ever reported any events of torture performed by Al-Qaeda, even the most bigoted ones have never accused the so called AlQaeda of such acts.

    3. Those poorly sketched drawings are inspired by methods of torture the Spanish government developed during their atrocious Inquisitions against its Muslim population. Simply go to:
    for more facts.

    4. Finally, respect your intellect and intelligence and verify everything you read or even see on mass media.

  2. Hi Danny,

    Of course, the al Qaeda manual is useless as well. Not that she downloaded the torture manual, but this is part of the problem, that Samina simply is not a “real” terrorist.


  3. “Those poorly sketched drawings are inspired by methods of torture the Spanish government developed during their atrocious Inquisitions against its Muslim population.”

    Actully, Danny, they were exuberantly performed by the HOLY inquisitors primarily on women who showed signs of skill as healers, and Jews who threatened all of the Roman Catholic Church with their own beliefs and religion.

    AlQueda has performed numerous horrible tortures in Iraq, Pakistan and in Afganistan. NATO forces have uncovered torture houses in and around Bagdad.
    Radical Islam won’t spare quislings who effect emapthy for them–they want world wide Sharia, and you ona prayer rug. Wake up.

  4. We all know the media lie and exaggerate the truth, whats to say the torture houses really exist, America control the media they can and have said anything they want, in my opinion America is the real terrorist, Legal Terrorists!!!!

  5. from an online article I read…

    The ‘But I’m Just A Poet’ Get-Out-of-Jail Free Card

    Millions will endure the horrors of airport security lines to ensure safe flights home this Christmas and New Year’s. But how safe are we after clearing the security corral?

    Not very, especially when terrorists are still able to infiltrate airports and plant terrorist insiders.

    Samina Malik, 23, worked at the WH Smith bookshop where I regularly pick up my gossip mags and candy bars before a flight from Heathrow Airport. She probably rang up my stuff time and again, but nothing warned me that there was a terrorist lurking on the other side of the till. Malik proves there isn’t a convenient profile that would help us recognize a terrorist. In fact, terrorists are very good at blending in and getting on the inside.

    Like many others in her local community, she found work at Heathrow. But beneath her seemingly ordinary existence as a shop assistant, she hid a radicalized life driven by violent Islamic extremist views.

    Concealed in the airport as an employee, the self-dubbed “Lyrical Terrorist” was the perfectly placed terrorist insider. She had direct access to the 200,000 passengers who passed through daily. She wrote: “The desire within me increases every day to go for martyrdom” on the back of her store’s receipt roll. Also calling herself the “Stranger Awaiting Martyrdom,” she was arrested before she had the chance to “martyr” herself as a human Hiroshima in the airport.

    But the U.K. failed to jail the “Lyrical Terrorist” and instead gave her a slap on the wrist. Her nine-month suspended sentence will be spent in community service. No doubt her local community will be grateful for assistance from a terrorist who fantasized about murdering the inhabitants of an entire street with “poisoned bullets.”

    Malik has become a cause celebre for the liberals who claim that she was just exercising her right to free speech as a poet.


    Malik was not prosecuted for writing poetry. She was a dangerous extremist. She was a regular contributor to terror Web Sites and called herself the “Lyrical Terrorist,” not the “Lyrical Poet.”

    In 2004, her interest in Islam began to grow. She started wearing a hijab and when she became involved with extremist Islamist organizations, she changed her web persona from “Lyrical Babe” to the “Lyrical Terrorist.”

    She wrote and posted poems praising Usama bin Laden, supporting martyrdom and describing beheadings. She spent her spare time visiting various extremist Web sites including that of the notorious hate preacher Abu Hamza al-Masri. She took her violent views to the airport, secretly scrawling messages about terrorism, poisoned bullets and Soviet spy weapons on the back of shop receipts.

    As for her “poetry,” she claimed she wrote poems about beheadings in the hopes of landing a man. Malik posted her poems on a number of known extremist Web Sites, not your average eHarmony or, so what sort of man was she hoping to attract?

    In her bedroom, police found a library of extremist material including the Al Qaeda Manual, the Terrorist’s Handbook and the Mujahideen Poisons Handbook. Police also found instructions for using a Dragunov sniper rifle and other firearms, a Rocket Propelled Grenade handbook, and a guide entitled “How to Win Hand-to-Hand Fighting.”

    These were not the sort of publications that she could pick up with her employee discount at the bookstore where she worked.

    Malik holds the dubious distinction of being the first woman ever convicted for offenses related to Islamic terrorism in the U.K. She testified that calling herself a terrorist sounded “cool” and she skillfully hid her violent extremist views to infiltrate an airport. The “Lyrical Terrorist” deserved jail time, not the right to move freely in a community that she fantasized about beheading and poisoning.

    Embedded in an international airport and deeply involved in terrorist organizations, the “Lyrical Terrorist” serves as a warning to us all.

  6. Hi AM,

    Thanks for posting that.

    Of course, as we know, Samina Malik never actually participated in any terrorist activity, which is why her poorly-reasoned conviction had to be overturned in order that justice prevail. She was more on the fringes looking in–an adolescent trying to gather identity and a writer researching her next entry on the blank page–and thus got caught e-mailing someone the authorities were investigating. I have myself, as a writer, downloaded many of the materials she downloaded, in order to align myself with her trains of thought, looking into areas where she was curious, and free to be so.

    The greatest fear the author of that article you’ve quoted would have had, when going to Heathrow, would be that Samina could have recited some of her lyrical terror. But apparently she cannot be accused of this. So her lyrical terror victims were her online readers, such as you and I are now, and not her airport customers.


    • Come on… she is guilty… just admit it. For people like her, all muslims look bad.. people think all muslims are terrorist.. who cares if she did not actually commit terrorism.. her poetry and passion for jihad and hatred for non-Muslims shows that she is a potential terrorist.. Nonetheless, anyone who supports terrorism should receive the same punishment. I mean come on.. crack head fanatics like her make us look awful… People like samina should live somewhere else. According to Muhammed (SWA).. one should love and respect the land he/she lives in. SAMINA… if you think that UK is a bad place, just simply change your venue. Your act hurt others who actually love UK and its people.

  7. dear all
    pl dont supress feelings of samina malik coz suppression gives birth to rebillion…

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