Whatever is




Whatever is

Whatever is or isn’t
or was or wasn’t
it is time to get out of bed




7 responses to “Whatever is”

  1. i thot i already left a comment-the poem is not political enuff

    2 where is the list of stuff that had nikki giovanni’s poem? the trouble w web sites- as charming as yrs. may b- they are still obfuscating- can’t find stuff when u want it

    3 clattery- send me a snail mail address and i’ll mail u my latest volumn- blue running lights- an incredible masterpiece from a baltimoron (did u kno we have a vbrant scene?- chek out poetry in baltimore web site)

    my poem of the day- and i kno wilfred owen wld approve- re the omaha mall shootings

    matt lauer says
    a “senseless” act- now
    in the america
    of iraq, geo bush and the nra
    it makes perfect sense

    how’s nebraska gun laws
    where one of those interviewed
    says cheerfully
    everybuddy out cheer has a gun

    what might gun control
    groups have to say?
    are we part of the problem yet? or aren’t we?

    gggggollleee geee mr machinery?
    can u print this where u live? (i assume virginia (but i cld b wrong)

    i guess if u printed the thing
    on beheading
    u cld print this

    just don’t ever print anything re sex- and clattery- don’;t sell this on ebay (it will b worth something someday- even as cyberspace)

    best, dave eberhardt froginbog

  2. dear clattery- u have still not given me a snail mail (hint- hint- my phone # 443-668-6203 my email mozela9@bcpl.net (i kno u will see this becuz u rd the comments on YR STUFF- QUITE GODLIKE_ AT LEAST TO U)

    i wld send u my latest- blue running lights – A VOLUMN BY A BALTIMORON

    clattery- it does not help u to be reclusive/obscure/hiding beind?/ WHAT? R U afraid of time magazine (they r’nt going to cover u anyway)
    r u afrade of? nikki gio? hee sun ?

    yr not listing any way to contact is too much like big corporations- humana, verizon, etc. I MAY HAVE TO REPORT U TO MICHAEL MOORE!!!!

    clattery CAN U HEEeer meeee?

  3. would still like to send a gratis copy of my book- but never got snail mail address- clattery is hiding out becuz why? note influence of ez p
    here is my terrorist vurse (note ep type spelling) of the day, concentrating on the following
    who wrote it? clattery- u luv games

    semolina pilchard

    here’s a big hint

    koo koo ka joob

    here’s a bigger hint:

    i am the walrus

    clattery- i think some of the line lengths in 20th century american vurse (note ep influence) are legit – others not-
    what distinguishes williams or creely from prose?
    some poets are “getting away w it”
    but- “faces in the metro
    petals on a wet black bough”
    is authentic
    also the rain beside the wheelbarrow thing- but, let’s not overdo it

    gary snyder is TOTALLY authentic

    here’s another gem….. from bukowski- (admittedly, at my age i am getting a bit jaded w poetry these days- more into prose)- (i won’t give up on it) but, chas bukowski states:

    “poetry is generally dull…
    insecure/ insincere? lines that don’t come thru…
    can’t even write a single line…
    like: ‘ the dog walked down the street’”

    now- did i cut the lines off rite?

    let me give yr. readers a test?

    make the following into a poem:

    let us cross the river and rest in the shade- stonewall jackson

    yrs., stonewall eberhardt baltimore 443-668-6203

  4. Hi Dave,

    I hope all is well.

    Poetry can be written in either verse, prose, or some combination of the two. There are verse novels, of course. And plays can be in either or both as well. Fiction and drama can contain poetry within, as can essays and non-fiction, just as poetry may be either fiction or non-fiction. But as we think of poetry as a distinct genre of literature, it can be written either way. I like to think of literature, however, as a genre of poetry, thus there may be poetry in architecture, music, any fine art, even sports.


  5. clattery- give me a hint as to who u are?
    here are some guesses:
    1 u live in the uk
    2 u knew the walrus
    3 do not transport gulls across stately lions for immortal porpoises like eliot spitzer, former governor of new york(u will violate the mann act of 1910)
    4 you knew the spanish poet leon felippe
    5 all of the above

    i give u 2 short (that’s all i can do at my age) (i have a book of longer ones- all note- my address above) poems, 1 serious, 1 not

    1 (the serious)(quasi haiku)

    an orange squeeks as you peel it
    what rain means to a tiger

    2 (less serious)
    sex and drinking
    sex and drinking
    go together like a fart and stinking
    dad was told by mother
    ______________________ reader fill in blank and submit to dave at mozela9@surfglobal.net
    for valuable prizes

  6. clattery

    in response to yr. brilliant “get out of bed” poem- which ranks right up there with w c williams “red wheelbarrow”- here’s a REEL POE LEET I CUL POME!!!!!!!!

    “Once to Every Man and Nation”

    Dave remakes the hymn:”Once to every man and nation”Now politically correct- still moving: dave’s additions, transformations in parens ( )

    poem by James Russell Lowell (protesting America’s war w Mexico- with apologies to James)-music tune nicknamed EBENEZER ( who wrote the melody? Lost to time?)- actually Ebenezer was arranged by Thomas John Williams, a Welsh organist. An Ebenezer is a stone of salvation after the stone monument erected by Samuel after a successful battle with the Philistines- it’s in the Bible.

    First read hymn as is; then, read:

    “Once to every man (woman, trangendered person, animule, life form) comes the moment to decide.
    In the strife of truth with falsehood (right wing, capitalist sh t/crap) for the good or evil (right wing/capitalist) side.
    Some great cause-God’s (goddess, Buddha, Muhammed, Wiccan, abyss, nothing, quarks, muons,) ) God’s new Messiah (Berrigan, King (insert whomever for occasion), offering each the bloom or blight,
    And (I love this part) the choice goes by forever ‘twixt that darkness and that light.

    Stanza 2: (Now picture this) By the light of burning martyrs. Jesus bleeding feet I track. (can you believe the Unitarians have softened and changed the words in this hymn)
    Toiling up new Calvaries (movement/struggles, revolutions) ever
    With the cross that turns not back.
    New occasions teach new duties (don’t forget education), time makes ancient good uncouth (there’s a stretch for a rhyme James),
    They must onward still and upward, who would keep abreast of truth.
    (o yes)(still true!!!).

    Stanza 3 Though the cause of evil (violence. right wing stuff) prosper (how true), yet tis truth a lone is strong (never forget it).
    Though her portion be the scaffold, and upon the throne be wrong!!! (hmm- who’s on the throne right about now?)
    Yet that scaffold sways the future (think of John Brown at Charlestown) and behind the dim unknown (evolution, other planets more successful than ours?)
    Standeth God (goddess, Buddha, Muhammed, Wiccan, abyss, nothing, quarks, muons, ) within the shadow keeping watch above his/hers/its own (let’s hope so).

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