Taslima Nasreen: Women’s Rights vs the Holy Hell


Taslima Nasreen, International Women’s Day, March 8, 2007,
Women’s Rights, the Veil and Islamic and Religious Laws


Taslima Nasreen or Nasrin was born in Mymensingh in what then was known as East Pakistan. Read more about this poet, writer, physician, radical feminist, human rights activist, and secular humanist here:

Family Security Matters: Taslima Nasreen: A Woman of Moral Substance

Here is an excerpt from that article:

The life of Taslima should be protected. If India fails to protect her and panders to its Muslim community by not punishing imams who incite hate, then Islamist bigotry and intolerance will have destroyed its secular ideals as surely as they have already destroyed those of Pakistan and Bangladesh.

That article also links to several Taslima resources, including an excerpt, which is essentially poetry, from her book Nirbachito Kalam which is here:

Digital Freedom Network: In Their Own Words: Nirbachit Kalam

Here is the first section:

I am alive. I also tell the half naked woman cooking her rice on a makeshift fire on the footpath, keep alive. I tell the anxious woman with a heavily made-up face sitting on the park bench, keep alive. I tell the sad woman arrayed in her fineries in the air-conditioned mansion, keep alive. I tell the innocent bride of the drunkard who returns home late at night, keep alive. Keep alive, woman; woman, live. Live abundantly.




Here is a link to her web site:

Taslima Nasreen/Nasrin

There, you will find links to her biography, her books and reviews, along with her banned books, articles by and about her, and more.

The link there to her poetry, translated into English, is here:






14 responses to “Taslima Nasreen: Women’s Rights vs the Holy Hell”

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  2. as a bangladeshi journalist, this is samefull for me that, we cant protect Taslima Nasreen and his right. i will write something about this soon

  3. I want write poems and short story only for my blind heart, please send me how you
    collect the theme when you see those thing which we can also see and observe but
    can not realise.
    I read your poems.

  4. Hi premashish,

    If you know about the realization, then write when you think such a realization has come to you. Sometimes it will be the same old thing so many others have said. But do it again.

    Sometimes it will go away, seemingly turning from gold to dirt while in your hands. But do it again. Sometimes it will seem so good, but when you share it, people will find they cannot appreciate it. But do it again.

    And by doing this, you will write better. It seems like you already know what you want, which is to realize what you may observe.


  5. you talk for all of us women in islamic law I changed my Religion.I don,t want to be muslim.but my poor cuntry Iran evry day I cry for freedone.

  6. I don’t have much to offer to the discussion, being a man and being a Westerner. But I am a good listener. I should like to hear the thoughts of all women fighting for their right to be human.


  7. taslima is a brave and intelligent woman who believes in truth and justice. it is unfortunate vast majority of muslims cannot approve of woman’s equal rights and hence cannot tolerate such a person. it is a shame that india which prides itself as secular cannot allow her to stay in india permannently.

  8. Me from bangladesh.i wanna say taslima. .hey i know u r very brilliant .but u can upholds ur head against injustice but u never say anything so that u can make a jolly society. .Alas. . .

  9. I am from Kolkata,I just want to see Taslima nasreeen in india,as she loves to live in Kolkata.

    apnar lekha pore abhibhuto hoyechi ar bhebechi ei prithibitake kotota o kibhabe bodlate cheyechen…………
    r seta kon bhabe bodleche.

    Dola Bhowmick

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