“The Scent of Ensure” by J. Shawcross





              by J. Shawcross
              “for my sister Jackie, who has a feeding tube
              and a great sense of humor”

                                The Scent of Ensure
                                              A new day dawns,
                                                What is in store?
                              The scented air as Frank prepares
Later, enters Rachael Ray
    With cups and spoons galore.
Can she beat in a bowl a fragrance
    That will beat the scent of Ensure?
                                                                The day goes on. Food Channel reigns-
                                                                    Recipes, more and more.
                                                                What mist can all those masters mix
                                                                  That gives forth a scent like Ensure?
                In the oven now, a shrimp dish,
                    With butter and spices poured o’er;
                But I do declare the scent can’t compare
                      With the wonderful whiff of Ensure!
                                            The sun descends
                                              But puffs endure.
                                Dreams are inspired by the scents of







published here with the gracious permission of the poet, J. Shawcross




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