Jack Kerouac, the 20th Century’s Greatest Poet: One Hour of Video



The original Bud Bloom post contained video that is now unavailable online. Here, we begin instead with the video “Lowell Blues”, a film by Henry Ferrini. Here is a quote from the Ferrini Productions site: “Lowell Blues is a 30 minute Film Poem fusing language, music and image to explore Jack Kerouac’s childhood holyland–Lowell Massachusetts. The film is excerpted from Kerouac’s novel, Dr. Sax that is set in his hometown.”




Here is the 1959 film “Pull My Daisy”, with Gregory Corso & Alan Ginsberg, and produced by Robert Frank & Alfred Leslie. This was included in the original post.




And here in three parts, replacing his reading with Steve Allen, is Jack Kerouac reading from “On the Road”:









2 responses to “Jack Kerouac, the 20th Century’s Greatest Poet: One Hour of Video”

  1. Hello, I was wondering if Jack Kerouac ever lived on Phebe st in Lowell MA? He says he does in the short story Home At Christmas. Thank you kindly.

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