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September 27, 2006

Poetry Festivals Worldwide: This weekend, the Dodge

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This Thursday, September 28th, the bi-annual Geraldine R. Dodge Poetry Festival begins, and will last through Sunday afternoon. The organizers have planned a star-studded line-up of poets for 20,000 poetry fans, music, educational programs, food, the works, all for a bargain price of about $1 Million (to the foundation–tickets are less). It will be held at Waterloo Village in Byram Township in New Jersey.

(Edited/Updated from here for the 2008 festival)

Here is the page of performing poets:

Geraldine R. Dodge Poetry Festival: Poets

Here is the weekend weather in Stanhope NJ: Stanhope

And here is the web site of the foundation:

The Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation




Poetry Festivals Worldwide


(The Hay)


Poetry festivals sponsored by good organizations take place around the world throughout the year, especially spring and fall. Below is a list of some of them. If you know any of them that are missing, please let me know.



                Aldeburgh Poetry Festival
                Austin International Poetry Festival
                Beall Poetry Festival
                Belfast Poetry Festival
                Berkeley Poetry Festival
                Burning Word Festival
                Carrboro Poetry Festival
                The Chicago Poetry Fest
                The Cork International Poetry Festival
                Dancing Poetry Festival
                Denver Poetry Festival
                Geraldine R. Dodge Poetry Festival
                Edmonton Poetry Festival
                The Guardian Hay Festival
                Hay Fringe Festival
                The International Poetry Festival of Medellín
                Jerusalem Poetry Festival: One Square Meter
                Kwani? Lit Fest Blog
                Ledbury Poetry Festival
                Los Angeles Poetry Festival and Noir Corridor
                Lowell Celebrates Kerouac!
                Manchester Poetry Festival
                Massachusetts Poetry Festival
                John Milton Memorial Celebration of Poets and Poetry
                Newburyport Literary Festival
                North Carolina Festival of the Book
                Ojai Poetry Festival
                Overload Poetry Festival
                Palm Beach Poetry Festival
                Poetry Africa
                Poetry Can
                The Poetry Now Festival
                Portland Library Poetry Festival
                Rotterdam International Poetry Festival
                San Francisco Poetry Festival
                Sarah Lawrence Festival
                Saratoga Poetry Festival
                Seacoast Poetry & Jazz Festival
                Seattle Poetry Festival
                Silverton Poetry Festival
                Skagit River Poetry Project
                Sparrows Poetry Festival
                Struga Poetry Evenings
                Sunken Garden Poetry Festival
                Terry Plunkett Maine Poetry Festival
                Trois-Rivières International Festival of Poetry
                Tucson Poetry Festival
                WA Spring Poetry Festival
                Wisconsin Book Festival





September 26, 2006

Punky Dunk and the Spotted Pup










Published in the Shop of



Author Anonymous





          Punky Dunk on a day in the middle of May
          Looked around like a wise little cat,
          And he said with surprise: “Can I trust my own eyes?
          Well, what do you know about that?”




          For a wagon of blue, with a man in blue, too,
          At the sidewalk was just backing up.
          And the man brought a crate that was heavy of weight
          And inside was a gay spotted pup.




          Now Punky felt hurt as he gazed very pert
          At the gay spotted pup in the box,
          For the pup was all white, save for spots black as night
          On his back and his tail, ears and sox.




          “Meow!” said the cat, “That pup is too fat
          To run or to climb up a tree.
          The baby won’t like that gay spotted tike
          As well as I know he likes me.”




          Punky said: “He may run, but he won’t be much fun,
          He may set, or may bark, or may point.”
          You see, Punky’s heart was beginning to smart
          And his nose was put clear out of joint.




          The pup was let out, and he ran all about
          So happy was he to be free.
          Then Punky said: “Meow!” the dog said: “Bow-wow!”
          And Punky said: “Look out for me!”




          He raised up his hair and tried hard to scare
          The pup, so he would run away,
          But the pup shook his head and in dog talk he said:
          “No, Punky, I’ve come here to stay.”




          Then Punky, quite rash, at the pup made a dash,
          But the pup stood his ground very bold.
          And Punky then stopped so quick that he dropped
          And over and over he rolled.




          Then the pup with a bark started in for a lark
          But Punky thought he meant to fight,
          And he ran up a tree just as fast as could be
          And he stayed there until it was night.




          Punky Dunk has made up with the gay spotted pup
          And with Baby they play every day.
          Don’t you think, little friends, that this little tale ends
          In the very best kind of way?



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