in sideout side

in sideout side

inside its cage a tiger stalks junglebeasts
a bird flies the sky to a farwood perch
stairs cascade from dreamroom
drawers to my study i exitthrough a whitepage door door door


a hairpin will
a hair pinwill

an afghan ghostwoman
(thrown through a lookwindow comedeath shatterglass
by an apoplectic liarcalling taxcollector legally)
stilllooks for her husband’s hidmoney
still to thisday this veryday no oneknows his stashaway way

i’ll take thetiger you take the bird
i’ll take the tiger you take thebird
your hubby’s selfasylumated
haven’t you heard

it’s alwhite alwhite now

it was all astral projectionlike stormyweather anyway
stormy weathereyes
freedom spaciousskies
do you have an extra hair pin for a poorstill liver

turn around
minute flybird

going back and forth to the junglebeasts
there’s no placelike home noplace likehome noplay

Vargstad VGS

As published in The Quarterly Journal of Ideology Volume 25, 2002.

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