25 Online Poetry Forums and Workshops




                About Poetry


                Bag End Poetry

                Blueline Poetry

                Cafe Poetica

                Coffee Connection Poets


                The Critical Poet (.com)

                The Critical Poet (.net)

                Delectable Mnts

                Desert Moon Review


                Forward Press

                FreeWrights Peer Review

                From East to West

                The Gazebo

                The Guardian’s poetry workshop


                Inside The Writer’s Studio

                Lit with Kick!

                The Maelstrom

                Moontown Cafe

                Mosaic Musings

                The Peaceful Pub




                Rooster Moans

                Rule 9

                Shadow Poetry

                Shakespeare’s Monkeys

                Sonnet Central

                Tin Roof Alley Poets

                The Town

                Trash Poetry

                The Underground Poet’s Society’s Open Mic

                The Versifier Online Poetry and Art Forum

                The Waters

                Wild Poetry Forum

                The Write Idea

                The Writers Block

                Writing Forums



31 responses to “25 Online Poetry Forums and Workshops”

  1. Hi Bud,

    That’s a wonderful picture of the technology it takes to link us to all this great poetry. And in that spirit I linked to this page from my blog so I may have ready access to the list. Thanks.


  2. Hi Carol,

    Thanks for putting this post to good use. I may do the same, come to think of it.

    Isn’t that a cool picture. The photographer goes by the name P Kent. I found it at Flickr.com. It’s called Management Network.

    But I thought, as a librarian, you were going to chastise me for marking up the Shakespeare book cover.


  3. 4 June 2007

    After the storm, my mind cleared.

    And a high wind arose and blew the tropics north.

    running quartz crystals through a blender.

    sand through your engines.

    bubbles in your bays.

    estuaries reaching out toward forbidden seas…

    sand through your eyes.

    5 June 2007

    Calm as baby’s breath

    as peaceful as the storm’s eye

    Clouds spread and drawn with rough strokes of stratospheric winds

    a warm and windy tropical day.

    7 June 2007

    Black water at dusk.

    Lighting on the horizon.

    Warm winds coming in across the darkening waters.

    A flash of white wings as an egret takes flight.

    And Thunder like God clearing his throat.

    8 June 2007

    Morning star in the still of the clear, dark waters.

    a sky as clear eyed as a young girl.

    bruised and tattered storm remnants limp off in the gathering light.

    9 June 2007

    Tickled her fancy.

    giggling all the day long.

    pretty good for a Saturday.

    Clouds on the lake floating aimlessly by.

    She smiled big–grinned really.

    12 JUne 2007

    A silver sky

    ripe for the mirror.

    you can not see yourself in this mirror

    you can only see others

    moreover, you can only see what others choose to expose.

    Their houses, their boats, their sea-doos.

    Birds skimming low over the water could

    like as not

    see them selves if they were to look down

    as they skim low over the water

    but they never do.

    Rather they allow their reflections to chase them

    quick and sharp over the still, glistening waters

    while the bird’s mind remains ever fixed on

    food, or other birds, or escaping those damn noisy humans.

    A dense forest impenetrable as a gaze.

    13 JUne 2007

    Like angry bee’s eyes

    the metal screen seen through the bamboo blinds.

    A million insects dot the lake spreading micro ripples

    14 June 2007

    Of Fly Catchers and hidden lakes.

    Of sleeping lizards and morning dew.

    It is of birdsong and misty dawns

    and fleeced clouds floating in a still pool.

    The waters ripple awake in the gathering morn.

    The first water birds head out for the far shore.

    20 June 2007

    A garden of elephant ears.

    A lake of light.

    A furrowed sky.

    Warm air, tinged with the coolness of a passing shower.

    A swath of short green swords with serrated edges.

    22 JUne 2007

    Of Stone Poets and shattered wooden quays.

    Bolts of clay and carpets of mud.

    Footholds on pyrrhic shores.

    Fusillades of futilty and wars of choice.

    23 June 2007

    Wind and water.

    Stone glass and stone poets.

    Air plants and sudden acts of Feng Shui.

    24 June 2007

    Seaparate ponds like a string of pearls gleaming in the twilight.

    The ages of man, the lovers of a lifetime

    bright and shiny thoughts flickering like little fires banked against the great dark.

    The toothy smiles of a pretty woman or two.

    Events and ages the like of which will not be seen again.

  4. Its Christmas time again
    The season of renewal
    Love, faith, charity
    And all that is beautiful
    Chimes greatly in to every heart
    Beating in celebrations
    Of Spirit, togetherness, and affirmation.

    P.S. Please administrator clatterymachinery.wordpress.com. If the thread is not to be in category this, I ask you to move my thread to the
    correct category.

  5. Since my pee in the pool essay has been mentioned, with the link given, I’ll post to the thread.

    When checking out any or all of the 25 boards given as resources take the time to read the guidelines and by-laws of each board. Read them seriously. Read them closely. Two of the boards listed, the two TCP boards, were, in fact, primary incitement to my essay. For something of an inside look into how one site admin. views his customer-poets there are the comments of Dmehl following my essay.

    Take quite seriously what a board’s guidelines state. Then imagine how a guideline can be interpreted if and when a customer-poet is deemed an undesirable. Poetry boards have become a case of caveat emptor. The environment is not always friendly to the creative type.


  6. A follow up. Dmehl 808’s exchange starts with #248. It is where he advises a fellow site admin on TCP.com’s sister board to “ban (members) a little more freely.”

    So again. Read a poetry board’s guidelines carefully. Then spend a month, maybe two, following board management practices before investing yourself in the proceedings.


  7. “is this gonna end someday??”

    Not as long as egos are at stake.

    Unless a lawsuit prevails, of course.

  8. Frankly, Stitlystola, I should hope not. I should hope all poets take stock of poetry boards, both the good and the bad. And because I believe in the system, I guess I hope poetry boards take stock of themselves.


  9. Who ever did this list might want to take another look, TCP is now two sites…niether of them have the ambience the orginal site had.
    The versifier has a new board by Yuku, as do a few others, Yuku is the pits to try and use.

  10. Hi Steve,

    I compile and attend to the list.

    Thanks for your sharp eye.

    While ezboards convert to Yuku, I have been keeping up with it, as I receive e-mails whenever this occurs at the forums. This list is kept in more places than just this post at C.M., so that each time Yuku converts another ezboard, I have several places to edit. Therefore, I edit only after a group of them. Note that Rule 9 has not converted yet.

    Yes, TCP.org has given birth, in a way, to spin-off TCP.com. Both forums have good poets there. There is nothing about going through periods of growth, change, or even tough times that disqualifies a forum from the list. I look at the heart of the situation.

    One important aspect is that if I am to point someone to a forum, I want to be sure I am not sending poets to get chewed up by dogs, or be chastised for breaking rigid rules or a peculiar set of rules that only insiders see the genius of. There should also be a sense that a poet entering a forum should be welcome to both make a contribution to the craft being worked on there, and that given whatever time, receive constructive or contributory feedback on their own work.

    These are ideals that only rare forums live up to 7 days a week, and that most stray from for significant periods. That’s why I say, it’s the heart that counts.


  11. This look interesting,so far.
    If there’s anyone else here, let me know.
    Oh, and yes I’m a real person LOL.

    See ya,

  12. you people do know all poetry is hell .. right. I actually joined.
    Oh the things we tell people we do not know and can not see.

  13. Clattery, if I may I would like to put in a plug for the board, Delectable Mnts. In the spirit of disclosure I should tell your readers that I own the board.

    Delectable Mnts is a small board. While it is primarily a poetry board it also runs in a salon-like fashion. By salon-like I mean it encourages conversation extending from the intellectual to the incidental. After all, poets cannot be making poetry 24/7. And sometimes it is enjoyable to discuss things other than poetry among the poetry reading public. The board has very few requirements. To become a member all that is needed is to register with the mother ship, runboard.com, then post on the board. And members do not have to fill a quota of comments in order to post original poetry. (Quid pro quo is the rule.)

    I invite all to visit the board and look around.


  14. Hi folks,

    EpochZine is 20 days new ! We handle arts, technologies,current affairs from our base in Scotland. Come aboard! D’ye want a job wi us? Do you have a large sum of €s that you’d like us to do summint spectacular with?

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  15. hi folks,

    being innocent and pleading so in a scottish court is like taking the inside passage past stroma island or walking across the m8 motorway; it’s a risky biz with little chance of success. so i’ve been detained temporarely in new craigs hospital.

    what the hell. i’ve managed to smuggle in a dongle to keep transmitting …

    • Hi Yok,

      It’s great to hear from you, but what extraordinary circumstance.

      I hope you are well, and that all comes out on your favor sooner than later.

      Let me know how things are going.


    • I’ve been taught to visit the sick and the imprisoned–consider this a visit! Hope your detention will not last too long.Hope you are finding some time for poetry–I always liked the melody in your lines:-)

    • Yok, I have no idea what this is all about but I hope you are well or on your way there. You are in my thoughts.

  16. ClO2

    men that meet
    in airless windowless
    rooms never
    mean us good

    you’d think
    that truth, honesty
    and FRESH AIR
    are toxic to them

    you are correct! these
    are New Craig’s


    (but we, the human factor, are the counter-attack)

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