Month: July 2006

  • Sketches by Robert Seymour, Fish Poet Unknown

    The two fun fish poems below are by an anonymous poet. Andrew Mullins is possibly the poet’s penname as far as can be surmised. The poems accompany two of Robert Seymour’s (1800-1836) sketches, from Seymour’s Sketches, Part 4. Click on them to blow them up and see the detail better. Notably, Seymour did the illustrations, […]

  • in sideout side

    in sideout side inside its cage a tiger stalks junglebeastsa bird flies the sky to a farwood perchstairs cascade from dreamroom drawers to my study i exitthrough a whitepage door door door putakeyinaknob a hairpin will doa hair pinwill outside an afghan ghostwoman(thrown through a lookwindow comedeath shatterglassby an apoplectic liarcalling taxcollector legally)stilllooks for her […]

  • The Poetry Selections in The Atlantic Monthly (July 1867)

    THE ATLANTIC MONTHLY. A Magazine of Literature, Science, Art, and Politics. VOL. XX.—JULY, 1867.—NO. CXVII. Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1867, by Ticknor and Fields, in the Clerk’s Office of the District Court of the District of Massachusetts. ~ ~ ~ The following three poems: “Mona’s Mother” by Alice Cary (p. […]

  • "The Korathy’s Lullaby" for you to tattoo by

    “The Korathy is the tattooer of the Indian village, who offers her services for a small fee. Hindu females are very fond of having their bodies tattooed. The Korathy first makes a sketch of the figure of a scorpion or a serpent on the part of the body offered to her for tattooing, then takes […]

  • Poetry, Language, and Word Games

    Tonight I came across Games for Everybody by May C. Hofmann, published in 1905. And it reminded me of a word game my father and mother came home with when I was young. They had been at another couple’s home. This had to be during an amicable time for them, for they separated when I […]

  • The Guardian Newspaper’s Poetry Workshop

    “Want to have your work reviewed by a published poet?” These are the words that greet you at The Guardian newspaper’s Poetry workshop. About ten months of the year, an esteemed poet is “in residence” to, not only comment on the shortlisted selections, but create the workshop theme of the month. This opportunity and service […]

  • "Eaglelike, Pantherlike, Are the Poet’s Desires"

    Tonight, some of German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche’s (1844-1900) writings about poetry. Selections are from two of his books, first Beyond Good and Evil, and then Thus Spake Zarathustra: A Book for All and None. Included along with his philosophical musings, are some of Nietzsche’s poetry. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ […]