Cockle Shells With Blue Bells




A My Name Is Alice

A my name is Alice
And my husband’s name is Arthur,
We come from Alabama,
Where we sell artichokes.
B my name is Barney
And my wife’s name is Bridget,
We come from Brooklyn,
Where we sell bicycles.
C my name is _________
And my husband’s name is ___________
We come from __________
Where we sell ___________.



Bobby Shaftoe

Bobby Shaftoe went to sea
Silver buckles on his knee
He’ll come back to marry me
Bonny Bobby Shaftoe

Bobby Shaftoe’s bright and fair
Combing down his yellow hair
He’s my love forever more
Bonny Bobby Shaftoe

Bobby Shaftoe went to sea
Silver buckles on his knee
He’ll come back to marry me
Bonny Bobby shaftoe
How many days until he comes back?



Blue Bells

Bluebells, cockle shells,
Eevie, ivy, over;
I like coffee, I like tea;
I like the boys, and the boys like me.
Tell your mother to hold her tongue;
She had a fellow when she was young.
Tell your father to do the same;
He had a girl and he changed her name.

Bluebells, cockle shells,
Eevie, ivy, over;
Mother went to market
To buy some meat;
Baby’s in the cradle
Fast asleep.
The old clock on the mantel says
One o’clock, two o’clock..
(to twelve o’clock)



Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum

Bubble gum, bubble gum
Penny a packet,
First you chew it,
Then you crack it,
Then you stick it
In your jacket,
Then your parents
Kick up a racket.
Bubble gum, bubble gum,
Penny a packet.



Call the Army, Call the Navy

Call the Army, call the Navy
So-so’s gonna have a baby.
Wrap it up in tissue paper,
send it down the elevator,

Boy, girl, twins, triplets,
boys, girls, twins, triplets, etc.



Fire, Fire

Fire, Fire, false alarm,
so-so fell into so-so’s arms,
Is he gonna be the one?

Yes, no, maybe so,
yes, no, maybe so, etc.



I Went Downtown

I went downtown
To see Ms. Brown,
She gave me a nickel
To buy a pickle,
The pickle was sour,
So I bought a flower.
The flower was dead, she gave me a tack.
The tack was sharp, she gave me a harp.
The harp was broke, she gave me a cloak.
The cloak was tight, she gave me a kite.
The kite away flew, and I did too.



I’m a Little Dutch Girl

I’m a little Dutch girl
Dressed in blue.
Here are the things
I like to do:
Salute to the captain,
Bow to the queen,
Turn by back
On the submarine.
I can do the tap dance,
I can do the split,
I can do the holka polka
Just like this.




Jump the Fence

Miss Mary Mack Mack Mack
All dressed in black black black
with silver buttons buttons buttons
all down her back back back.

I asked my parents for 15 cents,
To see the platypus jump the fence.
She jumped so high she touched the sky,
And didn’t come back till the Fourth of July.

I asked my mother for fifty cents
To see the elephant jump the fence.
He jumped so high he touched the sky,
And never came back till the Fourth of July.



Mabel, Mabel

Mabel, Mabel, set the table,
Just as fast as you are able.
Don’t forget the salt, sugar, vinegar, mustard,
red-hot pepper!

Mabel, Mabel, neat and able.
Mabel, Mabel, set the table,
And don’t forget the
Red Hot Peppers!

Mabel, Mabel, set the table.
Don’t forget the red hot label.
Shake the salt and shake the pepper.
Who will be the highest stepper?
Winds blow hot and winds blow freeze,
How many times did Mabel sneeze?
One, two, three . . . .



Meet Me at the Grocer

Hello, hello, hello, sir.
Meet me at the grocer.
No, sir. Why, sir?
Because I have a cold, sir.
Where did you get the cold, sir?
At the North Pole, sir.
What were you doing there, sir?
Counting polar bears, sir.
How many did you count, sir?
One, two, three, four, five . . . .



Minnie Minnihaha

Minnie Minnihaha went to see her Papa,
Papa died. Minnie cried,
Minnie had a new born baby.
Stuck it in the bathtub to see if it could swim.
Drank a gallon of water, ate a bar of soap.
In come the Doctor, in came the nurse,
in came the lady with the alligator purse.
Out went the doctor, out went the nurse.
Out went the lady with an alligator purse.



Mother, Mother

Mother, Mother, I am ill
Call for the doctor over the hill.
In came the doctor,
In came the nurse,
In came the lady with the alligator purse.
Measles, said the doctor.
Mumps, said the nurse.
Nothing, said the lady with the alligator purse.
Out goes the doctor, out goes the nurse,
Out goes the lady with the alligator purse.



Ms. Suzie Had a Steamboat

Ms. Suzie had a steamboat,
The steamboat had a bell, (ding-ding)
Ms. Suzie went to heaven and the steamboat went to-
hello operator,
please give me number nine,
and if you disconnect me I will chop off your-
behind the fridgerator,
there was a piece of glass,
miss suzie sat upon it and it went straight up her-
ask me no more questions,
please tell me no more lies,
the boys are in the bathroom,
zipping up their-
flies are in the courtyard,
bees are in the park,
the boys and girls are kissing in the D-A-R-K dark dark dark!

The dark is like a movie,
a movie’s like a show,
a show is like my TV set and that’s not all
I know I know my ma,
I know I know my pa,
I know I know my sister with the alligator bra!
My mom gave me a nickel,
my dad gave me a dime,
my sis gave me her boyfriend,
who hit me all the time!
I gave mom back the nickel,
I gave dad back the dime,
I traded back the boyfriend,
Instead got frankenstien!
He made me wash the dishes,
he made me scrub the floor!
He made me call him “your highness”
and more and more and more!



One Two Buckle My Shoe

One two buckle my shoe
Three four close the door
Five six pick up sticks
Seven eight shut the gate
Nine ten start again




Postman, Postman

Postman, Postman
Do your duty.
Send this letter
To my cutie.
Don’t you stop
Nor don’t delay.
Get it to her
Right away.



Rich Man, Poor Man

Rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief,
Doctor, lawyer, Indian Chief.
Her shoes will be
Wood, leather, high heel, low heel, sandals, wooden.
Her dress will be made of
Silk, satin, cotton, batten, rags.
Her house will be
Big house, little house, pigpen, barn.
Her rings shall be made of
Diamonds, rubies, emeralds, glass.
How many children will she get?
1, 2, 3 . . . .
And now you’re married you must obey,
You must be true in every way.
You must be kind, you must be good,
And make your husband chop the wood.



Sitting in a Tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G

So-so and so-so sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G
First comes love, then comes marriage,
Then comes so-so with a baby carriage.



Spanish Dancer

Not Last Night but the night before.
Twenty-four robbers came knocking at my door,
They called me out for the world to see,
And this is what they said to me–

Spanish dancer turn around,
Spanish dancer touch the ground,
Spanish dancer do the kicks,
Spanish dancer do the splits!

Spanish dancer, do the split.
Spanish dancer, give a kick.
Spanish dancer, turn around.
Spanish dancer, get out of town.

Spanish dancer, do the splits,
Spanish dancer, do high kicks.
Spanish dancer, clicks a shoe,
Spanish dancer, chooses YOU!



Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, turn around
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, touch the ground,
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, show your shoe,
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, please skiddooo!

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, climb the stairs,
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, say your prayers
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, turn out the light,
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, say good night!



When I Was One

When I was one I ate a bun,
Going over the sea.
I jumped aboard a sailorman’s ship,
And the sailorman said to me,
‘Going over, going under,
Stand at attention like a soldier,
With a one, two, and three.’

When I was two I buckled my shoe,
Going over the sea.
I jumped aboard a sailorman’s ship,
And the sailorman said to me . . . .

When I was three I banged my knee,
When I was four I shut the door,
When I was five I learned to jive,
When I was six I picked up sticks,
When I was seven I went to heaven,
When I was eight I learned to skate,
When I was nine I climbed a vine,
When I was ten I caught a hen.







11 responses to “Cockle Shells With Blue Bells”

  1. Hmmm. I always knew Miss Suzie and Miss Lucie. . .

    And the begining of Jump the Fence, we sang as:

    Miss Mary Mack Mack Mack
    All dressed in black black black
    with silver buckles buckles buckles
    all down her back back back


    We did these as hand games, rather than jump rope chants.

    Thanks for the trip back to childhood. Haven’t thought of these in years!


  2. Hi Lisa,

    I’ll put that into Jump the Fence right away. Thanks.

    I went searching for the jump rope rhymes. That was the idea. But the biggest site had them mixed. And I wanted to include anything that rang a good bell with me, or sounded good.

    Clicking on the titles, gets you the page I found the rhyme on, or the version I used–and to more rhymes than I included. Some of the rhymes have variations. So I’m not surprised at Miss Lucie.

    Isn’t it great how these rhymes get committed to memory. It’s a natural.


  3. i always knew

    mrs suzie had a baby
    she named him tiny tim
    she put him in the bath tub to see if he could swim
    he drank up all the water he ate up all the soap
    he tried to eat the bathtub but it wouldent go down his throat
    mrs suzie called the doctor
    mrs suzie called the nurse
    mrs suzie called the lady with the alligator purse………. you know the rest

  4. I am trying to track down a children’s poem which I thought was called “Bluebells and Penguins”. It has the words init: Sometimes I feel sky-high happy, Sometimes lost and low.
    Does anyone recognise this?

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