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June 9, 2006

Cockle Shells

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Click on the title of the rhyme to get the story behind it from “Nursery Rhyme–Lyrics and Origins.”


An Apple a Day

An apple a day keeps the doctor away
Apple in the morning–Doctor’s warning
Roast apple at night–starves the doctor outright
Eat an apple going to bed–knock the doctor on the head
Three each day, seven days a week–ruddy apple, ruddy cheek


For Want of a Nail

For want of a nail the shoe was lost.
For want of a shoe the horse was lost.
For want of a horse the rider was lost.
For want of a rider the battle was lost.
For want of a battle the kingdom was lost.
And all for the want of a horseshoe nail.


Georgie Porgie

Georgie Porgie pudding and pie,
Kissed the girls and made them cry
When the boys came out to play,
Georgie Porgie ran away.


Here Is the Church

Here is the church, and here is the steeple
Open the door and see all the people.
Here is the parson going upstairs,
And here he is saying his prayers.


Hush a Bye Baby

Hush a bye baby, on the tree top,
When the wind blows the cradle will rock;
When the bow breaks, the cradle will fall,
And down will come baby, cradle and all.


Little Boy Blue

Little Boy Blue come blow your horn,
The sheep’s in the meadow the cow’s in the corn.
But where’s the boy who looks after the sheep?
He’s under a haystack fast asleep.
Will you wake him? No, not I–
for if I do, he’s sure to cry


Mary Mary Quite Contrary

Mary Mary quite contrary,
How does your garden grow?
With silver bells and cockle shells
And pretty maids all in a row.


Monday’s Child

Monday’s child is fair of face,
Tuesday’s child is full of grace,
Wednesday’s child is full of woe,
Thursday’s child has far to go,
Friday’s child is loving and giving,
Saturday’s child works hard for his living,
And the child that is born on the Sabbath day
Is bonny and blithe, and good and gay.


Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater

Peter Peter pumpkin eater,
Had a wife and couldn’t keep her!
He put her in a pumpkin shell,
And there he kept her very well!


Rain Rain Go Away

Rain rain go away,
Come again another day.
Little Johnny wants to play;
Rain, rain, go to Spain,
Never show your face again!


A Wise Old Owl

A wise old owl lived in an oak
The more he saw the less he spoke
The less he spoke the more he heard.
Why can’t we all be like that wise old bird?



A Declaration of Poetic Rights and Values

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Yesterday, I was doing some reading, and came upon a web site, that got me to recall the poem I posted yesterday, and motivated me to do some revisions on it, to move the poem into something displayable.

Here is that remarkable web site by a remarkable group of people:

People’s Poetry Gathering

Here is the pdf file on that site, what I was reading that moved me so:

The People’s Poetry Language Initiative: A Declaration of Poetic Rights and Values

After finishing that, you may be inspired to go further into ethnopoetics, to read poetry from threatened and dying languages around the globe:

World Poetry Map

From there, let me suggest this site:

Susy Delgado’s Ayvu Membyre

And from there to another woman doing remarkable work:

Susan Smith Nash’s An Anthology of Paraguayan Women Writers

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