Month: June 2006

  • "Museum Pieces"

    Jeffery Alan Triggs’s essay Museum Pieces: Poems About Art can be found either at that link, or within his online book in pdf format here: Mirrors for Mankind: Readings in Art, Film, and Literature. Both those links are on the Global Language Resources site under Jeffery Triggs. His essay is about what the title says, […]

  • Two Writers, Two Poets, & Spouse to One

    In this picture, are 2 poets, 2 writers, and a spouse to one of them. How many of them can you name? Answers here: Breaking News. Hint: Two of them are world famous.

  • catherine of gulu

    The fifth photo of Marcus Bleasdale’s First Place, 8-photo story, “Faith and Fear–Gulu, Northern Uganda” at caught one night with her parents at bayhot oil poured from her back to her breastcatherine in the ugandan day gulu girl one not taken away. no not one whom at kony’s behestcaught one night with her parents […]

  • Vangisa, the Venerable Master of Words

    As the Therigatha (posted yesterday) translates to “Verses of the Elder Nuns,” Theragatha means “Verses of the Elder Monks.” For this post, I will focus on the last chapter, or Thag XXI, which has the title “Vangisa,” which is the name of its author, and which means “Master of Words” or “Lord of Speech.” Here […]

  • Therigatha: Verses of the Elder Nuns

    Below are the excerpts I could find on the web from the Therigatha, the ninth book of the Khuddaka Nikaya, and translated from the Pali by Thanissaro Bhikkhu. There are 73 verses altogether, in 16 chapters, written somewhere around 200 BCE. For introduction and commentary, you may click into Susan Elbaum Jootla’s page here: Inspiration […]

  • Angel Island Poetry

    ~ ~ America has power, but not justice.In prison, we were victimized as if we were guilty.Given no opportunity to explain, it was really brutal.I bow my head in reflection but there isnothing I can do. ~ ~ Because my house had bare walls, I beganrushing all about.The waves are happy, laughing “Ha-ha!”When I arrived […]

  • Gods of Poetry (part three): Nuada

    In Nuada Airgetlam, or Nuada of the Silver Arm, we encounter a political god of poetry: one that when ruling, poetry is thriving. He is an Irish god, related to the Leanan Sidhe, touched on in Part One. Their abodes are hidden in such a way that no mortal can see them, and no one […]